When it comes to Parisian style, I have to admit, French women got it going on!

There is something very inspiring and envious about the way Parisian women pull off timeless and elegant pieces oh-so effortlessly. ‘Les Parisiennes’, are all about basics and seeing the bigger picture on how an entire look comes together, rather than focusing on individual pieces. It all comes down to combining staples and translating them into a feminine unique look, that looks effortless, but in fact, isn’t effortless at all.

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 22.29.54



So which basics are we exactly talking about to emulate that elusive ‘Parisian chic’ style? Here are some key pieces to have in your wardrobe to create your own – je ne sais quoi – vibe this fall.






What is one defining feature of Parisian style? Choosing what suits your personality. – Caroline de Maigret


Classic white blouse
Le classic white blouse
Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 19.52.06
Le straight-line jeans
Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 00.17.40
Les ankle boots










Le (oversized) blazer
Le handbag












Oh, and while you’re at it, make sure to top off your look with some ridiculously oversized black sunglasses, add to that a perfect red lip, et voilà you’re good to go.

So now we’ve cracked the code to dress like a French girl, it’s time to behave like one. What sets French girls apart from the rest, is that they know how to project self-confidence and sensuality through their attitude and intellect. A typical ‘Parisien’ spends her days cruising boulevards, visiting bookshops or art galleries. You may also find her on a corner street sitting outside on a terrace with a café au lait or a glass of red wine, engaging in amusing conversations with her fellow pals, whilst holding a cigarette in her hand at all times.



Just remember in the end it’s all about attitude! Live by this golden rule and you can easily pass as a French girl!  Well at least at heart because let’s be honest when it comes to style, nobody does it quite as well as the French. Do you agree?

Image sources: Pinterest, @gabriellecaunesil, @lestylealafrancaise, @jeannedamas thestylefolder, net-a-porter,
Posted by:Shareen Indhira

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