Personal style is an amazing tool to express yourself. It is so powerful that you can communicate what you are feeling or thinking just by what you are wearing. It tells a personal story, it´s about your attitude, your personality. It is your own way of showing the world who you are without having to speak.

Blazer minimal
I love combining a statement blazer with jeans or shorts to spice up my outfit

My personal style can be best described as a melting pot of different contrasts, which combined blend into a reflection of my personality. It´s romantic, classic, modern, bohemian and a little bit quirky at the same time. I love feminine details with a streamlined silhouette, but I also appreciate voluminous shapes and like to include bold colours and patterns into my outfits to create more diversity. As I mentioned before, I am all about contrasts!

People will stare, make it worth their while – Harry Winston

Even though I believe fashion magazines serve as a great source of inspiration, developing a personal style mainly comes from within and is something that gradually evolves over time. It is about knowing who you are and who you want to be. For this reason, I don´t believe in slavishly following fashion trends, but more about finding a signature style.

Play up your best assets such as great legs, a petite frame or feminine curves and emphasis them with how you dress. Get a good understanding of what works for you and what does not. Go for colours, shapes and patterns that bring out the best version of you. Instinctively you probably already have a good idea which ones these are.

My best piece of advice is to stay away from trends that don´t suit your personality or body type. It is key to have confidence in what you wear to express your style in an authentic way. You will probably take some hits and misses, but the point is to enjoy the journey and have fun whilst discovering a style of your own.

Image sources: Pinterest, Andicsinger
Posted by:Shareen Indhira

6 replies on “A style of your own

  1. Thank you Erica! Discovering your style can be a really fun and rewarding journey, I agree :)!


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